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For more than 90 years, Premier Tech has been building its know-how and reputation on the diversity and technological expertise of its 3,000 team members located all around the world. As one of Premier Tech’s business units for over 20 years, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) has become an international leader in the field of onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment technologies for the residential, commercial, community and industrial sectors. With over 100,000 installations, each coupled with a rigorous inspection, maintenance and documented follow-up program performed by a large network of partners, PTA is undoubtedly one of the leaders of its industry.

PTA builds on innovation, creation and collaboration with local partners to make better use of shared resources and add value to the available services in keeping with environmental protection.

Active in North America, Europe and Asia, PTA is proud of the quality, performance and reliability of the solutions it offers.

Our own clean environment

Urban areas are intensifying their development, but in many cases, their ageing local infrastructure is stretched beyond capacity. Road, sewer and potable water systems as well as electrical and energy grids, bridges and telecommunications systems no longer meet the demands and budgets are overextended.

Faced with the increasing demand for economical, durable, easily maintainable and ecological solutions, PTA and its teams devote their full resources to developing high-performance standalone technologies, products and processes. These solutions are within reach today. 

A concrete commitment to innovation and process control

For PTA, innovation and control are much more than simply buzzwords. For over 20 years now, these strengths have supported every solution that we develop. With annual investments totalling over $2 million and some 25 experts making up its Innovation, Research and Development (IR&D) team, PTA ensures a constant flow of innovative ideas that contribute to keeping our solutions ahead of the latest trends.

PTA markets advanced technologies and finished products that are simple to use, efficient, safe and competitive. Today, in a sector as crucial as water treatment and given the promising innovative and ecological applications of polymers, our solutions are aligned with common sustainable development objectives. They must exceed the most stringent environmental standards and be permanent, easily exportable and transferrable as well as supported by tested and integrated maintenance tools.

Premier Tech Aqua

Premier Tech Aqua is a major player in the onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment industry. We offer a full range of technologies and services for the residential, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors.

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